Café Kraków


Our café is open from 3pm till 10pm during the weekdays and from 12am(?) till 10pm on weekends. We serve fair-trade coffee from Zapatista collectives, various teas and cold drinks (eg. Club-Mate, Spezi Cola, kvass). We also serve tap water free of charge. You're welcome to come and relax on one of our bean bag chairs.
Bookstore Kraków, bookcrossing Kraków


We cooperate with several publishers, among others: Political Critique, Le Monde Diplomatique and Black Sheep. In our bookstore you'll find a wide offer of progressive books and magazines, and a bookcrossing shelf. We organize meetings with authors (Jan Sowa, Aslı Erdoğan) and participate in Krakow literary festivals.
debates Kraków


Looking for a place to host a scientific or political discussion? You need a space to present a report or research findings? You're welcome! Our cafe can host big events, as we can provide up to 100 seats. In the center of our main hall, on old mikva, you'll find a stage, equiped with a sound system and microphones, that enables recording of all discussions held in Ogniwo
Spotkania biznesowe Kraków


Your initiative or organization needs a place for a meeting? You want to meet your business partners in a cameral (?) room? No matter if you plan a meeting for 10 or 100 people, you're welcome here! Meetings can be organized also outside opening hours, we can provide drinks and snacks, ordering external catering is also an option.
wystawy kraków, galeria sztuki Kraków


Our exhibition space is 65 square meters big (15x5m and 3,5m high), fully equipped with spotlights needed to present artworks. Among others, we've held exhibitions during a Queer May festival and Krakow Photo Fringe.
Cinema Kraków, projekcje filmów Kraków


A separate, soundproofed room with proffesional projector and sound system. If you need a place for your film discussion club, indie movies show, or just want to see a movie with your friends - just contact us! We've held screenings of German Expressionism classics and documentary movies in cooperation with Swedish Embassy.
Theatre Kraków, sale prób teatralne Kraków


You're a member of a theater group or organizer of cultural activities, looking for a place to rehearse? We provide a room 15x5m with a 16 square meters stage, sound system and stage lights. Rehearsals can be organized outside opening hours. Among others, we've held international circus workshops Tentabulles.
warsztaty Kraków


Carpentry, programming, musical, media, psychological, yoga and all kinds of other workshops are welcome in Ogniwo. You'll find here separate rooms, projector, flipcharts and a sound system. Our halls can host up to 100 people. We've held meetings of Court Watch Foundation Poland and Women's Rock Camp
your idea

Your idea

If you have any idea, that you'd like to realize in our cooperative, please feel free to contact us! We've held, among others, a poetry festival of slavic ethnic religion, press conferences, banners painting, circus workshops or ecumenical retreat of Faith and Rainbow.

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